DULCE DE LECHE (Milk Caramel)    or   Caramel
Dulce de leche in Spanish or doce de leite in Portuguese (milk candy), is a milk-based syrup. Found as both a sauce and a caramel-like candy, it is popular across Latin America. It is prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk.
It's specially popular in Argentina and Uruguay, and also consumed in Paraguay and Brazil. The French preparation confiture de lait is very similar to the spreadable forms of dulce de leche. There are also other varieties of it: in Mexico, the cajeta (made from goats'milk), the manjarblanco in Peru, or the simply manjar blanco (white delicacy) in Chile, and the arequipe in Guatemala, Colombia and Venezuela.
Origin. There are many stories about the origin. One story involves the 19th century Argentinian caudillo Juan Manuel de Rosas. It may also have its origins in Europe, possibly as the French cofiture de lait: a popular similar legend dating back from the 14th century exists in the region of Normandy.
Crella Dulce de Leche  is made to an original recipe by slowly heating sweetened milk until it reaches the exact flavour, colour, and texture in order to turn out to be irresistible.
Crella Premium Dulce de Leche is Bake & Freeze-Thaw Stable and Ready To Use.
Crella Delce de Leche - caramel can be put to an amazing number of different uses. Versatile enough to use as a spread, topping, filling, for decorating, flavouring and blending. Can be used in a host of recipes. Perfect for adding to desserts, as they are made from natural ingredients that compliment other flavours.
What our customers have to say about?..
Hi, my catering company, (in Adelaide - SA), uses your product Caramel Crella, which is great and has the original Dulce de Leche flavour, it is a low in fat and high quality product and that's why we are so happy with it.
Now we are interested as well on purchasing any chocolate suitable for filling as the caramel does.
However we don't know the chocolate flavour you make and I would like to know if it would be possible to receive any chocolate's sample from you.
Cesar, Adelaide - S.A.

Hi, Just wondering where I can buy your wonderful caramel filling in Victoria? I am desperately missing the caramel buns they sell in NSW and can't find them in bakeries here anywhere so am planning to make my own!
Thanks, Annaleigh P., Collins Street, Melbourne

I am writing to say a big thank you for your wonderful product called Crella Caramel.
Almost all our cakes are made with your caramel
Hannah, Fairfield  NSW

Hi, I have been sent some of your product for my family to try from a friend in Australia. We all absolutely love it but cannot find any suppliers any over here in England. It is truely a wonderful tasting spread and we just have to get some more! We cant get enough of it (two jars in 3 days!) I was wondering if you would be able to tell us where we can get any please!. I live in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. Any contacts would be very much apprecieated! Well done you on such a great product. Kind regards Tammy V., Portsmouth, England

I am wanting to make a cheesecake that was featured in April 2010 Delicious. Could you please advise where in Adelaide I could buy Crella Dulce de Leche from?
Debbie P. Adelaide, SA

This product has changed the taste of my breakfast forever. The taste and texture are divinely superior, and the many different uses make this spread absolutely irresistible.
D Aakam, Queensland

We would like more information on your caramel spread and any other products you may have.
P.S. The kids love it!
D Ralston, Waramanga

I recently heard about your caramel crella, and was wondering if you have any samples?  I do a lot of dessert and sweet cooking, so it would be great to tast it!
Natalie D, Forest Lake QLD

We are using Caramel Flling in pail 13 kg and I must say that we are very happy with the product.. It's got the real Dulce the leche flavour, it is easy to handly and also looks great!
Ana G., Dulvich SA