Butterscotch Filling
The word butterscotch was first recorded in Doncaster, in England, where Samuel Parkinson began making the confectionery in 1817. Parkinson's Butterscotch had royal approval and was one of Doncaster's attractions.
It is often used as a flavour for items such as dessert sauce, pudding and biscuits.
Crella Butterscotch Milk Spread is delicious and virtually fat free.

Milk as main ingredient in Crella butterscotch filling is a truly nutritious food. Apart from its high calcium content, milk also contains vitamin D. Just as your bones need calcium to stay strong, they also need vitamin D, which helps the calcium be absorbed.

In addition, milk supplies potassium. Potassium is a key mineral for protecting against high blood pressure, stroke, and heart trouble. Milk also contains riboflavin and vitamin A.